Why I Re-Shoot The Same Locations

A comment I often get is "Why do you keep on shooting the same locations?"

The answer is simple!
As a photographer I'm not always 100% satisfied with my captures and I'm always looking to improve on any shoot I do. Whilst it may not have been down to the fact that I just wasn't feeling the moment, it's very often down to the elements. Maybe the sky is overcast, it's raining, it's very windy or maybe all of these made that particular shoot not as good as it could have been.

So for this particular re-shoot of London's "Girl With A Dolphin" fountain was of a shoot that I'd organised for the photo club a year ago. Unfortunately the sky on that evening was terrible and because there were quite a few of us on the trip it was a case of pick your spot and shoot from there, and at that given time I thought I had picked the perfect angle but it turned out I'd probably picked out the worst.

The main difference in this shoot was that it was going to be done very early morning, as opposed to the one before that was late evening. Catching the first train out to London was essential and going out at 5:20am is not always easy for a photographer, but if you want to get that shot then you have to get up and get out early! But once I'm out, the shock dies, and I'm usually buzzing with excitement to get to the location and hopefully grab some great photos.

On arrival at the fountain I set my self up in almost an identical spot as before with the fountain statue in the middle of Tower bridge for I still thought it was the best place to shoot it from, only to realise after two shots that it wasn't. I shifted my position about 2 metres to the right so that the fountain statue no longer obscured the middle of the bridge and bingo I'd hit the jackpot! What I'd aimed for getting in the last photo shoot I nailed on the second time round. The moon was out along with slight breeze, a perfect sky with wispy clouds. The crains had gone from across the other side of the river and this time round the fountain was lit up and working. Almost perfect conditions!
So was it worth getting up that early at 5.20? Most definitely as I was back home by 8.30 getting warm and drinking a latte!

So this is the reason why I keep revisiting the same locations time and time again.

No doubt I'll be back again sometime to have another go... 

The Girl And The Dolphin