Day One of my Photo Challenge

Day One of my Photo Challenge as put to me by Al Parkinson
"O2 and the Moon"
They say if you want that shot you have to be prepared to get it.
This particular shot was taken on a 'Birthday Jaunt Photowalk' with my shoot buddy Stephen Sutton.
Technically my Birthday had ended as this was taken at 12.51am on the 13th Jan 2012....
There are nights in photography when everything is just perfect and nearly every shot is a keeper!
On this night here was no wind, and due to it being so late there were no river boats so the River Thames was like a sheet of glass.
This shot ranks high in my top 10 favourite photos although looking back I do wish there was a tad bit more cloud in the sky and the moon was not there!
Beggars can't be choosers I guess!