Long Daytime Exposure: The Millennium Bridge

I'm a prolific night photographer and photographing at night is technically the art of leaving the shutter open for a many seconds to capture a shot. Obviously doing this during the day would amount to severely overexposed shots that would leave you with just a plain white image. This is where an ND1000 filter comes into play, for an ND1000 is basically a 10 stop filter that allows very little light in to the camera unless the shutter is left open for a long time. Using one of these filters can make for amazing photos, for example, creating perfectly still water, making people disappear, fluffy waterfalls, for this list is endless only to your imagination. Some may recall October 2011 being rather warm, if I recall I was just wearing a T-shirt thinking "shouldn't winter be here soon!?" For this photoshoot I thought that I would visit the exact same spot as to where I usually do night shoots from, only this time it was daytime. I parked myself to the side of the Millennium bridge and with a shutter speed of 25 seconds I proceeded to shoot, and although the bridge was full of people as the final image show, it seems like it was empty...

Below is a sample of the days shoot.